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Monday, February 7, 2011

a WeEk..=)

its been a week....
and honestly, i hate miss you sgt2..
feels like crying...

*xtau la npe nk letak picca nie.. cuteness overload! haha..*

ignoring you for a week is a tough thing to do..
even it's hurting you, note dat i hurt myself even worse..
thousand apologies..

due to missing you so much,
i watch 1 litre of tears again..
*hoping dat i would cry just like my fren do when they watch it, 
yet i failed to let my tears rolling out from my eyes..-.-'*
and also i watch alvin and the chipmunks!

coz we both just love it.. haha..

*see... it resembles you! haha..*

oke! dat was juz a stupid joke..
fyi, im not ignoring you because of wat aisyah told you..
i mean dats not all about it..
there are other reasons oke..
even aisyah neither ima noe da reason..
n not even mama..
i'll let you noe 1 day..
dats all.. i'll pick up if you call but i won't reply your texts yet..
assalamualaikum wbt..

p/s: ignoring you doesn't bring da meaning i hate you.. it's juz im taking my own sweet time healing and motivating myself.. i used to, i still do and i always will love you..

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