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Sunday, March 20, 2011

de$peRatE kE sAya?????

"saya suka dia!!
saya nk bgtau kat satu dunia saya suka dia!
saya nk dia kawen dgn saya!!
awak nk kawen dgn saya x??"

okay! that is definitely not my dialogue..
that is based on my experiment and conversation with a friend of mine, 
Miss Mastura Mustafa Kamal..=)

today's entry is all about desperate to be in love..!
*cekgu ada, desperate itu ape??
desperate tu terdesak..
direct translation okay.. hehe..
eh! before kte bincang dgn lebih lanjut lg,
saya nk mintak maaf kepada sesiapa yg terasa dgn post ini ya..
post ini memang mungkin ade kena mengena dgn sesiapa,
tp tidak ditujukan khas untuk sesiapa..

let's start!!
what makes people become desperate??
myb sbb keadaan memaksa..
tapi kalo dalam cinta, ape yg memaksa??
sorry, saya x bole jawab soalan ini..
sbb saya xtau jawapan dia..! -.-'
kurang kasih sayangkah anda??
kurang perhatiankah anda??

fyi peeps, desperate to be in love is a very dangerous situation to be in..
yea! you could do anything..
and even embarrassed yourself..
please people, be normal when it comes to love..
yes! it's easy for me to say..
it ain't happen to me coz i already have someone..
but think as a normal person,
bf/gf doesn't promise you happiness forever..
so why should you do anything just to have someone called BF@GF??

it is never wrong to like someone..
and it will never be until you annoyed people with that..
telling the whole world you like that person..
hey, how many person wants to know who do you like???

they aren't being jealous..
they're just annoyed..
and you can't blame them..
so stop telling the whole world about something that is not sure yet..
or else you'll regret it later..

p/s: they said, love is just like butterflies..the more you chase, it will fly further..so just stay still, they will fly to you...xoxo!!


mas2ra said...

woii!! dari menjual nama, u jual gamba sekali pulak!! huarghhh!!

dentist-to-be said...


messyme said...

mas: mne ade i jual..
i x dapat bayaran pown okay.. i promote je.. hihi..

ismatul: thanks babe!