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Friday, March 4, 2011

i'm dying..

"i don't have the voice heart to tell you..
you are suffering from rhabdomyosarcomas.."

"not to be rude, but wth is that??"

"it's a kind of cancer..
it's a less common cancer 
that usually occur among children and teenagers.."

"doctor, can it be cure??"

"well, we can try to have surgery.. 
it's better trying.."

"i'm sure it will cost a lot..
i don't have the money..
doctor, what if i didn't do anything??"

"hurmm...actually, the chances to survive 
from the surgery is only 10%..
but if you did nothing,
 you'll have less than 3 years month to live.."

"wow! can i go home now??
i think my brain has stopped functioning..
thanks a lot doctor.."

drama! drama! drama!
adegan di atas telah diadaptasi dari sebuah novel..
dan telah di olah oleh saya! haha..
oke! drama time is over..
alhamdulillah..saya x menderita penyakit "rhabdomyosarcomas"..
penyakit 2 mmg wujud taw!
kalo nk tau lebih lanjut, klik sini..

oke cukup pasal penyakit..!
i am dying..
and i would die if my beloved mother didn't buy this for me..:'(

"mama! please..................
i'm dying to have this..!!!"

hihi.. i've been staying up late for this past few days..
i studied few things on this..
so that i have a little knowledge on something that i'm dying for..
but if mrs.mama refuse to fulfill my wish,
argh! i would surely die..!
err....no! i change my mind..
i'm not gonna die but i will surely lost my appetite to eat..

"mama, have some mercy
to your beloved daughter.."

i've been craving for this thing 
long~ long~ time ago..
but i don't have the guts to ask for it..
well, one thing for sure,
it doesn't cost for only rm2, nor rm20 neither do rm200..
it will cost me my mother 2k!!

well, 2 thousand ringgit can't be found
in front of the house..
unless there are any morons who left their money to me..
*how i wish there are..hihi..
so it's not easy for me to get this thing..
i'm a brat but not the rich one..hehe..

i envy those people who already own what i want..
one of those people is my own boyfriend close friend..!
oh! i love hate you..
only God knows how i feel when you show me that thing!!

but! it's okay..
hehe..i ask for it already..
and alhamdulillah, i got a positive answer..
but mama said,

"if you want something,
you must show me the effort.."

yes of course mother..
i will show you my very best..
hehehe.. and i will be the most obedient girl..
*err..i can't promise you this..
but i will try my best to be one..=)

"this" that i've been blabbering about is
nikon d3100!!!
for more picture and info about my medicine,
click here
i'm dying to have nikon D3100!!
i have a disease..
and can only be cured if i get one of this..
so can somebody get this medicine for me??
hehe.. thank you!

p/s: no other messages! I WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



pakai polaroid je nih haa..lagi style..haha

messyme said...

ha! bak mai 1.. time kasih..=)

キング Naim said...

kamera je pon. beli sndri ah....

dentist-to-be said...

kongsi je ngan mamat..

messyme said...

naim, 2 ribu mmg mcm 2 ringgit..

ismatul: haha.. ape kes nk kongsi dgn dia..nk sendiri punya.. baru cool.. hee~

mas2ra said...

tak payah la wey. membazir. wakaka

messyme said...

ape la you nie..
x menyokong mmbe langsung...
cool ape.. nnt pnoh dgn picca korg gak..