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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Hey peeps!!
Uhuk2!! Okay..da berhabuk sgt blog nie..
Hihi… thanks to monkawanmoi sbb tlg update kan blog ini yer..
A busy life nowadays spare me no time for my blog..
*busy la sgt kan*

Busy la.. xde mse nk on9 kowt.. haha..
Dalam busy2 nye saya nie, I realize I am missing someone!
Jang!! Siapakah?? Hehe… guess who???
Sape lg kalo bukan si cacat saya!! Hihi..ecah! jangan marah.. I love you..!!

Due to missing her so much, I went to kl last two weeks..
A very nice trip coz everything goes as perfect as we planned..=)
Okay! Dat was a lie.. it was a disaster..
Only da part hanging out at aisyah’s place was in da plan..
the others are kind of messy..but no worries coz no one to be blame..=)

Whatever it is, we had a great time! Though the time is short,
We made a full use out of it..hehe..
Knowing shasha, mira  and shafiq was a pleasure..
You guys rock!!

Eh! Da2.. nk cte nie je..
X bole cte mnde laen.. banyak censored part.. haha..
Here are some photos yg dicurik dari fb mira..
Peace! Two fingers no crossing..=)


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